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0917 Daria Shirt
Daria Morgendorffer, the 90s teen heroine from Lawndale High is back in an animated shirt from our MTV Classics Collection. A character that was originally part of the Beavis and Butt-head cartoon, Daria got her own spinoff show and showed...
PHP 595
  • Yellow
0917 Daria Dot Shirt
Daria, the animated character, who was an incredibly smart teen with impeccable wit and a deadpan sense of humor, stood at only 5'2"""" in height. She represented a lot of small girls but that didn't stop her from giving big...
PHP 595
  • Gray
0917 About-Daria Oversized Shirt
Ovesize and overdose on the 90s, by bringing it back one unisex black shirt at a time. This Daria Oversized Shirt is part of our latest collab collection with MTV. Relive your childhood with this icon from the MTV heydays....
PHP 595
  • Black
0917 Daria Long Sleeves
Whether you’re in need of a daytrip out of the metro or a whole box of takeaway pizza, this 0917 Daria Long Sleeves shirt will get you pretty in pink. Of course, Daria’s iconic “sucks, huh?” comment across the front...
PHP 895
  • Salmon
0917 SSW-Daria Jacket
Missing the 90s MTV vibes or just your favorite Morgendorffer gal? You’re going to want to take home this 0917 SSW-Daria Jacket. From its fatigue color, loose silhouette, and Sick, Sad World artwork, you know Daria would want you go...
PHP 1,795
  • Fatigue
0917 Beavis and Butthead Box Graphic Shirt
Welcome yourself back to the iconic living room in Highland where it all started with two heavy-metal loving teens looking for something to do. For the fans of the MTV classic cartoon show, the 0917 Beavis and Butthead Box Graphic...
PHP 595
  • White
0917 Beavis and Butthead Neo Graphic Shirt
Make your days extra rockin’ when you’ve got the 0917 Beavis and Butthead Neo Graphic Shirt on. This navy cotton shirt featuring the head-banging duo can leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day—unless you’re dealing with...
PHP 595
  • Navy
0917 Beavis and Butthead Pocket Shirt
Get to know the iconic duo from the hit 90s MTV cartoon with the 0917 Beavis and Butthead Pocket Shirt. In this simple black oversized shirt, you get Beavis and Butthead rockin' in out in a pocket design at the...
PHP 595
  • Black
0917 Beavis and Butthead Hoodie
Bringing back the heyday of 90s MTV in 2021, the 0917 Beavis and Butthead Hoodie is your new favorite vintage hoodie from the 0917 | MTV Presents Beavis & Butthead and Daria collection. Get ready for a day of laughter,...
PHP 1,495
  • Brown
0917 Beavis and Butthead Sweatshirt
Don’t think, just do. Follow Beavis and Butthead’s lead and just dive right into the action with this 0917 Beavis and Butthead Sweatshirt. Throwing back to the golden days of MTV, this light blue sweatshirt can be your next go-to...
PHP 1,395
  • Light Blue
0917 Beavis & Butthead Fanny Pack
What better way to show off you’re a fan of the Beavis and Butthead show than with a stylish fanny pack? The 0917 Beavis and Butthead Fanny Pack is not only eye-catching, but it’s also functional. Fit your daily essentials...
PHP 895
  • Blue Green
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