The TikTok Boom: How Content Creators Found Their Groove on the App

The TikTok Boom: How Content Creators Found Their Groove on the App

The use of social media had distinctively skyrocketed over the past year when we all had to stay at home
to protect ourselves from the ongoing global pandemic. People tried to find ways to distract themselves,
either by picking up a new hobby or looking for sources of entertainment.
This gave birth to one of today’s biggest obsessions: TikTok.

From a Relative Unknown to Social Media Star

TikTok was launched by Beijing-based tech company ByteDance in 2016 under the name “Douyin.” in 2017, ByteDance acquired another social media app, which allowed users to create and share 15-second lip-sync videos. Eventually, the company incorporated most of the features of into Douyin, reworking it to become what’s now known as the TikTok app.

In 2018, TikTok was officially launched globally and would later be valued at $50 billion. Now, an average of one million TikTok videos is being watched every day. From being a small player in the scene, the app has quickly become a massive stage for creators.


How Content Creators are Using the App as an Influencer Platform

TikTok’s secret is twofold. First, its powerful algorithm learns what content users like to see faster than other apps.
Second, creators can choose from a huge database of songs and movie clips to lip-sync or dance to.

The app has particularly brought back boyband hits from the ‘90s, such as Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,”
getting TikTokers to slip into ensembles inspired by MTV classics.

9 Reasons Why TikTok Has Become a Great Place to Feature Content

1. It has grown to a massive platform

Since its launch, TikTok’s popularity has soared tremendously. The app currently has 1.29 billion active users worldwide. It’s available in 155 countries and 75 languages, and as such, practically anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can jump in and join the fun.

2. It has a diverse audience

Statistics show that TikTok downloads increased dramatically towards the latter part of 2020. The app was downloaded 3.08 million times in Brazil, 3 million in Mexico, 2.31 million in the U.S., and 2.24 million in Russia, and 10 million in Thailand. Remarkably, TikTok managed to gather such a massive audience in such a short amount of time.

3. It’s easy to create content and launch campaigns

TikTok has simplified video creation and sharing. All you have to do is record something from your daily life and post it. And as soon as a user opens the app, videos start playing one by one, making it convenient for them to watch and content creators to upload new material.

4. It’s a catwalk for aspiring influencers

TikTok has launched the careers of many social media stars—names that were once lesser-known, if not totally unknown. Some of them flocked to TikTok from other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, generating a large following after getting to grips with TikTok.

5. It focuses on localized content

Another key driving factor in TikTok’s popularity is its strong focus on localized content despite being a global app. The app often runs local contests and captures regional trends. It also uses local trending hashtags to suggest content topics to its users.

6. It features a diverse range of interests

The biggest draw of TikTok is the users’ ability to post just about anything—hobbies, fitness, beauty, travel, fashion, food, music, photography, dance, home improvement, prank, pets, you name it. This app is the perfect platform to showcase the 0917 Lifestyle collection. Apart from the MTV collection, choose from some of the trendiest styles from your favorite characters and brand collabs. Look fab in your favorite apparel while shooting your next potential viral TikTok video

7. It doesn’t require a huge budget for content creation

TikTok doesn’t require a massive budget for one to create content on it. A spontaneous video made in everyday surroundings has as much of a chance of cutting through as one produced professionally. In fact, many TikTok videos that went viral were filmed in garages, car parks, and backyard gardens. As long as the content appeals to the audience, engagement follows.

8. It’s a potentially powerful platform to promote brands

Global brands have recognized the role of TikTok in engaging audiences and encouraging user-generated content. Nike, Calvin Klein, and Sony have all invested in paid and influencer TikTok campaigns. According to TikTok, over 90% of users visit the platform several times a day, making it appealing for businesses whose demographics match TikTok’s crowd.

9. It encourages authenticity

More and more social media users now prefer to see raw and truthful angles—elements that make up most of TikTok’s content. Unlike Instagram, where videos and images have evolved to be more perfectly polished, TikTok encourages authenticity and honesty.

TikTok itself has launched its own campaign hashtag #LearnonTikTok, which features topics that bend on the honest, positive side of things—from quick cooks and life hacks to motivational tips and masterclasses.

TikTok: What’s Not to Love?

Undeniably, TikTok has spawned a new era of entertainment by redefining the social media landscape.
Its unique format is made for today’s younger generation, glued to their mobile phones most of the time.
It perfectly appeals to their short attention span, not to mention the clips are comfortingly familiar and addictive.

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