Next Level Deskspace

Create your most aesthetic and efficient desk setup with pieces from the 0917 Series Plus collection. With the goal of transforming your workspace into a smooth, well-oiled production line, you’ll be able to get your tasks and assignments done faster. Let yourself get in the zone with these affordable PC accessories that are also compatible with your smartphone and tablet.

The Future Is Wireless and Universal Capabilities

These authentic 0917 branded PC peripherals can offer a high-quality user experience that doesn’t overcomplicate. Featuring fully wireless designs, you can clear your desk from cables and focus better on your work. Universal connectivity and compatibility ensure a seamless workflow, so you can easily pick up where you left off.

0917 Wireless Keyboard


0917 Wireless Speaker + TWS Earphones


0917 Wireless Mouse


0917 Wireless Headphones with Mic


0917 Extended Mouse Pad


0917 Standard 2-in-1 Cable



Finishing Touches With 0917

Complete your ideal setup and find fitting, minimalist peripherals deals online right here with the 0917 Series Plus collection, now on the official 0917 website.

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