Kim Woo Seok Is Back

Let the “Red Moon” soloist charm you once again with his second album, “2nd Desire [Tasty]”. Following its opening number, “Sugar”, Kim Woo Seok shows off a sweet and preppy side, clear vocals, and whimsical tunes in all tracks of his sophomore record.
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First 300 customers will get a FREE signed photocard!

Pre-order period from March 12-17, 2021 only.
Folding Lyric Paper
ID Picture
Selfie Photo card
Folding Poster
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Grab your copy of Kim Woo Seok’s new album, “2nd Desire [Tasty]”, right here at the official 0917 Lifestyle website, and get the chance to win an exclusive one-on-one video call with the idol himself.

Pre-orders will be available from March 12-17, 2021. First 300 customers will get a FREE signed photocard!

Per DT Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-115523 Series of 2021


What is the promo?

Customers who will pre-order Kim Woo Seok’s Album “Tasty” on from March 12-17, 2020 will get a chance to win a 1 on 1 video call with Kim Woo Seok on March 20, 2021. There will be 5 winners selected via raffle.

All customers with a confirmed purchase will be given a raffle entry which will be used to determine the winners of the promo. On March 18, Globe together with DTI a representative will select among all successful registrations via raffle to determine the 5 winners of the 1 on 1 video call with Kim Woo Seok.

How long should I wait for my order to arrive?

60 days after confirmation of order. But please note that delivery may be delayed under certain situations like custom hold or Covid-19 related restrictions. You may check or send us a message on our 0917 Lifestyle FB Page for shipment updates.

Who is eligible to join this promo?

Anyone who pre-orders Kim Woo Seok’s Album “Tasty” from from March 12-17 is eligible to join the raffle promo. They must provide their complete details and must fully pay the album via GCash or Card Payment (Visa or Mastercard) only.

All COD orders will be automatically cancelled and will not be accepted.

How many entries will I get per purchase?

1 album = 1 entry. If a customer buys 2 albums in 1 transaction he/she will get two entries for the raffle

Are photocards included in the album?

YES! Album is inclusive of Outbox, Photobook, CD & Package, Folding Lyric Paper, ID Picture, Selfie Photocard, Folded Poster, Sticker and Official Poster. Please check the item description for more information.

Is the signature printed or handwritten?

Each photocard is personally signed by Kim Woo Seok!

How many photocards do I get per transaction?

One transaction = one signed photocard. When you checkout, that is considered as one transaction regardless of how many albums you buy.

Can I purchase KWS poster only?

NO, but you may get if for free and more items when you buy the album


Do you ship to my country?

NO, we are limited to PH deliveries only.

How much is shipping cost?

Shipping cost differs on your location. Your shipping cost will be reflected during checkout

What payment methods do you accept?

You may pay via Credit Card or Gcash. Orders with the cash on delivery method will automatically be cancelled.

Can I get a refund or cancel my order?

No, order cancellations or refunds will not be accepted in this pre-selling event.

Can I still order after the pre order period?

No, the pre order period is from March 11 to 16 only. Please visit KmmunityPH channels and for more announcements.

Can I edit my order details?

You may send us a message through our 0917 Lifestyle FB Page for any charges in your delivery details or other concerns.

How will I know if I win the raffle entry?

All winners will receive a winning message from Globe via SMS and email. Ultimate Stan experience winners will receive an email with the ZOOM details which they have to use to join Globe’s Ultimate Stan Experience with Kim Woo Seok

Can I replace my purchase item?

Once item is received you may no longer request for a replacement due to hygienic purposes especially during this time of pandemic.


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