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0917 Nickelodeon Chuckie Phone Grip

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Phone Grip
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Base Diameter: 3.6cm
  • Top Diameter: 4cm

It’s not every day that you can treat yourself to some Rugrats memorabilia and a convenient accessory in one.

The Rugrats were known for many things, but adventuring was surely at the top of everyone’s list. Chuckie, although a bit on the shy and easily spooked side, was a key member of the gang, and the 0917 Nickelodeon Chuckie Phone Grip pays tribute to the bashful braveheart.

Pop of Color
Black and white outlines. Purple glasses. Red hair and an even redder base. Combine them all, and you’ve got yourself a truly eye-catching accessory. It helps that this Chuckie Finster phone grip does actually “pop” whenever you need help holding your mobile device.

Top-Notch Must-Have
Rugrats characters stood out on the show, so it’s only right that official merchandise be of the same high quality. The printing and plastic on the 0917 Nickelodeon Chuckie Phone Grip is clean and crisp, taking the cake from many others available in the market.

Throwback Attitude
Phone grips aren’t typically described as cute because of the functional purpose they serve, but the 0917 Nickelodeon Chuckie Phone Grip definitely is—and that’s a good thing. It’s a nostalgic piece of cartoon history that you’ll want to pair daily with your wardrobe staples.

Get the 0917 Nickelodeon Chuckie Phone Grip here at the official 0917 website.

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0917 Nickelodeon Chuckie Phone Grip
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